Instantly feel like a star

Our mission

Sharon B’s mission is to empower new mothers and to unlock their star power so they can feel sensational in this new phase of their lives. Every owner of a Sharon B baby stroller can agree: having such an exclusive fashion statement will instantly make you instantly feel like a star. Just imagine that amazing feeling!

Fashionable design

The revolutionary and fashionable design will guarantee that you and your baby will be the center of attention everywhere you go. When you walk around with your remarkable Sharon B stroller, something magical happens; Random people start smiling at you, the colors all around you seem to look brighter and the world becomes a bit more beautiful, like some kind of miracle. 

Suddenly total strangers will whip out their phones and ask you for a quick photo for their Snapchat or Instagram, because they just can’t believe what they’re seeing. 


What is happening?

People will literally twist their necks and traffic will come to a screeching halt, just to take a better look of you and your beautiful baby. Everybody will wonder; who is that girl? Is she a model, an actress or a famous artist? Have I seen her on TMZ or online somewhere?

Like a million bucks

You’ll be noticed and admired. You and your baby will get compliments everywhere you go. You will feel like a million bucks, because you look like it!

Of course, you don’t just have to take our word for it, you can see here for yourself: see the amazed people who encounter a Sharon B in the wild HERE

Customize & Modify

Fashion sense

You have a great sense for fashion and beauty, and you are known for being stylish. Your clothing, shoes and hair are extremely important to you and you like to stand out from the crowd with your unique style.

An exclusive baby stroller is literally the largest possible fashion accessory a woman can have. Thus, it should match your awesome style and reflect your unique personality.

You deserve it!

That’s why you shouldn’t have the same boring type of stroller as your neighbors, gardener, bookkeeper or anybody else. You deserve a luxury baby stroller that you can modify and customize over and over again.

Adjust and customize

Not only does Sharon B creates the world’s most fashionable baby strollers, you can also fully adjust and customize them at any time, to match your current style or mood. For that reason, it really is a luxury stroller with a purpose!

 Changing looks easily 

This means you can now easily change the look of your stroller by just changing the faux fur, the wheels, the handle bar, the basket and even the whole seat. Depending on your mood, you can easily pimp (or tone down) your stroller with a variety of amazing colors and materials. 

Free faux fur package!

All Sharon B strollers come with a FREE extra ‘faux fur package’ but there are over 100 further options available. With one of the many styling packages you can quickly change the appearance of your baby stroller in a heartbeat.

Empowering women in need

Role model

You love fashion, luxury and beauty but you also deeply care about your friends, family and the people in your community. They all know that you have a big heart and a compassionate mind. As a mother you’ll soon be a role model. Not only for your baby but also for young women all around you. They see what you do, what you believe and who you are.

You understand, now better than ever, that an effort to make the world a better place for your newborn starts with you. And it starts today.

Make a difference 

In today’s world we keep seeing discrimination, abuse and inequality. Every woman, regardless of race, nationality or age has probably faced at least some of it in her life. Many women even suffer from it on a daily basis. But knowing this and actually doing something about it is often quite hard. That’s why our founder decided to make difference, as can you.

Empowering women and supporting women’s human rights is rooted the DNA of Sharon B. That’s why 10% of profits go towards this great cause.

Improve lives

Owning a Sharon B stroller not only makes its owner feel amazing, but she will also automatically improve the lives of less fortunate women around the world. Sharon B’s chosen beneficiary is the Global Fund for Women, the world’s leading activist for women’s human rights and equality. This charity is supported by the likes of Oprah, Beyoncé, Madonna, J-Lo, Mary J Blige, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora and many others.

Part of the group

As an owner of a Sharon B stroller you can be proud to know that you’ll be part of this group of powerful people, who are helping to improve the situation of oppressed women around the world. We are hopeful that one day in the future our children can live in a world free from abuse, slavery, and discrimination.

Make it happen 

It’s a massive dream and a high goal, but the least we can do is actually try to make this happen together!