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Meet Sharon B: First-Class Luxury Dog Strollers

Be among the first 50 dog-owners to get the opportunity to own one of these limited edition designer dog strollers. Take your precious dog anywhere and deepen your relationship!

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Never leave your dog behind

Together forever

Imagine that amazing feeling when your precious dog sits down in this majestic “throne”. The high vantage point and comfortable seat make it a wonderful safe haven for even the most anxious, nosy or active dog.

This exclusive dog stroller allows you to take your dog into almost any store, restaurant, venue or mall.

Being able to take your dog anywhere deepens your bond and strengthens your connection. No longer does your dog has to feel abandoned, afraid or bored, when you are away from home.

All this loving little furry ball wants is to be with you all the time. #unconditionallove

Piece of mind

This is far more than just a fancy dog stroller, it’s a way to ensure that small dogs don’t get stepped on, tripped over or even attacked by other (aggressive) dogs.

It helps you control any situation and keeps cleanliness into consideration: they can’t accidentally urinate where they aren’t supposed to, or get excited and jump on strangers.

Simply said, it’s convenient, clean and safe for everyone and it will help you to get things done quicker, so you can get to the park and play!

Rescue dogs and safe lives

Clearly a luxury dog stroller is also perfect for old and sick dogs that have trouble walking long distances. Or for dogs that just had medical treatment.

And yes, it’s absolutely perfect if you have multiple dogs and want to take them all with you. But the absolute 100% true benefactors of these first-class dog strollers are the dogs that wouldn’t be here tomorrow if it weren’t for you.

Every day over 5,500 perfectly healthy dogs are being murdered in ‘animal shelters’ in the USA alone. This equals more than 11 killed dogs per minute. So just in the time you’ve been reading this, more than 20 dogs have been murdered…

That’s why we donate 10% of our profits to several ‘No Kill’ shelters and -support groups. Each year our community suggests and selects the entities that will receive the funds, so it’s totally transparent and you will have a direct influence in the fight against the needless and brutal killing of dogs.

Spread the love

Sharon B goes the extra mile to ensure your precious dog stays happy, healthy and safe.

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Be among the first 50 dog-owners to get the opportunity to own one of these limited edition designer pet strollers. Take your dog anywhere you go and stand out like royalty!

Our Guarantee

We see our luxury pet travel solutions creating joy and happiness over and over again, with both the dogs and their owners. It never gets boring! But we also know that our customers expect the utmost when it comes to versatility and quality. This is why we know that you and your dog will love your prestigious dog stroller the moment you receive it and take that very fist ride together.

To give you peace of mind, we offer a 60-day guarantee where you can send back your dog stroller for a full refund, if it isn’t the smoothest riding, best performing, most comfortable dog stroller you (or your dog!) can imagine, period. No questions asked.

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About Us

Sharon B was founded by Dutch born fashion designer and Yorkie owner Sharon Baks. She went on a worldwide journey to develop world-class luxury pet travel solutions that allow owners and dogs to be together 24/7 and connect on a deeper level, in style. 
The focus is on creating travel systems that match the (life)style and values of today’s caring dog owners:

  • Those with an enormous love for their precious dogs.
  • Those who preferably want to enjoy their dogs 24/7.
  • Those who have small, old, sick or troubled dogs.
  • This who only want the very best for their furry babies.
  • Those who want to improve the situation of dogs in need.

Our Products

All our travel solutions are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. Our dog strollers don’t just make for an exclusive fashion statement. Their versatility and structural integrity also guarantee that they are easy to use, fold and maneuver in any terrain or weather condition.

These premium strollers come fully loaded with high quality features and options which will make your life easy, and the experience for your dog smooth, safe and comfortable. Tailored to perfection, Sharon B travel systems are a glamorous alternative to ordinary dog strollers that often look like boring camping gear instead of a vibrant extension of your (dog’s) amazing personality.