Our guarantee

We see our pet travel solutions creating joy and happiness over and over again

It never gets boring! But we also know that our customers expect the utmost when it comes to versatility and quality. This is why we know that you and your dog will love your prestigious dog stroller the moment you receive it and take that very fist ride together.

To give you peace of mind, we offer a 30-day guarantee where you can send back your dog stroller for a full refund, if it isn’t the smoothest riding, best performing, most comfortable dog stroller you (or your dog!) can imagine, period. No questions asked.

The collection

luxury dog strollers and travelbags

Only a fortunate few have been able to obtain our much sought-after majestic dog strollers. Until recently they were commissioned exclusively for the rich and famous.

Pomeranians with the black croco collection
Iraida with skye moet

Safety & comfort

A stylish Sharon B stroller combines safety and comfort for your precious dog with breathtaking looks. These first-class strollers are for those who demand excellence, both in functionality and design.

great taste

You don’t have to be an aristocrat or millionaire to afford one, but owning an exclusive stroller like this will still identify you as someone with great taste and unprecedented love for your cherished pet.

Fashionable Functional & customizable

Sharon Baks owner

Meet The Founder

Sharon Baks

Sharon B was founded by Dutch born fashion designer and dog lover Sharon Baks. She went on a worldwide journey to develop a world-class luxury pet stroller that makes any owner and her dog stand out from the crowd.

Tailored to perfection, it’s a glamorous alternative to ordinary dog strollers that look like boring camping gear and that don’t match the (life)style and values of today’s dog owners:

  • Women with an enormous love for their precious dogs.
  • Women who preferably want to enjoy their dogs 24/7.
  • Women who only want the very best for their furry babies.
  • Women who want to improve the situation of dogs in need.