Recue dogs and save lives


Clearly a luxury dog stroller is ideal for old or sick dogs that have trouble walking long distances. Or for dogs that just had medical treatment.

And yes, it’s absolutely perfect if you have multiple dogs and want to take them all with you. But the absolute 100% true benefactors of these first-class dog strollers are the dogs that wouldn’t be here tomorrow if it weren’t for you.

Every day over 5,500 perfectly healthy dogs are being murdered in ‘animal shelters’ in the USA alone. This equals more than 11 killed dogs per minute. So just in the time you’ve been reading this, more than 20 dogs have been murdered…

That’s why we donate 10% of our profits to several ‘No Kill’ shelters and -support groups. Each year our community suggests and selects the entities that will receive the funds, so it’s totally transparent and you will have a direct influence in the fight against the needless and brutal killing of dogs.

Jack russel in white stroller