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Be among the first 50 people to get the opportunity to own one of these luxury designer strollers, guaranteeing that you and your baby will always stand out from the crowd.

Stand Out In style

The elegant design of a luxury Sharon B stroller will guarantee that you and your baby will be admired everywhere you go. People will twist their necks when you walk by and you’ll leave them wondering: is she an artist, a model, a successful business woman? One thing’s for sure, you’ll get smiles and compliments all day long. Both you and your baby will stand out from the crowd like the superstars you are!

Girl power

All our strollers are designed exclusively by female designers with a love for fashion, design and luxury. Every new model is tried and tested extensively by a large group of actual mums before we decide to take it in production. No animal products are being used in the process and all of our strollers are handmade by skilled craftswomen.

help women in need

Owning a Sharon B stroller not only makes you feel amazing, it will also improve the lives of women in need. 10% of our profits go to the Global Fund for Women, fierce activists for women’s human rights and equality. This way you’ll also have a huge impact on the empowerment of women around the world and you’ll help fight discrimination, slavery and abuse.

Sharon B goes the extra mile to guarantee your baby gets the very best start in life!

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“The most unbelievable stroller I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s ridiculously classy”

“It’s a must-have and I want this for my future daughter. It’s a statement”

Be among the first 50 people to get the opportunity to own one of these luxury designer strollers, guaranteeing that you and your baby will always stand out from the crowd!

Our Guarantee

We see our strollers creating joy and happiness over and over again. It never get’s boring! But we also know that our customers expect the utmost when it comes to versatility and quality. This is why we know that you will love your luxury baby stroller the moment you receive it and take it for a ride that very first time. To give you peace of mind, we offer a 90 day guarantee where you can send back your stroller for a full refund, if it isn’t the smoothest riding, best performing baby stroller you can imagine (or for any other possible reason you can think of)!

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About Us

Sharon B was founded by dutch born fashion designer Sharon Baks. She went on a worldwide journey in order to develop the ultimate luxury baby stroller that makes any mom stand out from the crowd. A classy alternative to all those boring baby strollers that look like modified office chairs and that don’t match the (life)style and values of today’s women. Women with big dreams who want to enjoy life with their family and who want to make the world a better place for the next generation.

Our Products

All Sharon B strollers are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. Our baby strollers don’t just make for an exclusive fashion statement. Their versatility and structural integrity also guarantee that they are easy to use, fold and maneuver in any terrain or weather condition. These premium strollers come fully loaded with high quality features and options which will make your mom-life easy, and the experience for your baby smooth, safe and comfortable.