Exclusive Luxury Design Tables

Unforgettable exuberant Opulence.

Outlandish statement pieces, for today's tycoon, mogul and powerhouse

These masterpieces are deliberately extravagant and over the top because they reflect the exceptional goals and targets of our high performing clients.

Every single piece we create is a masterful tribute to those who came from the bottom and did whatever it took to get back on top. By any means necessary.

Our outrageous designs pay homage to all those who made incredible sacrifices to accomplish amazing goals and to reach their current level of success.

For those who were willing to do what other won’t do, in order to have the things that others don’t have.

Important note

Not just anybody can own an exclusive Sharon B design table.

We are very selective in who is allowed on our waiting list: Less than 40% of all applicants makes it through our selection process.

Due to its extremely limited availability and the thousands of hours of labor that go into each of these handmade masterpieces, we are very careful in deciding on who to commission one for.

This means that not just anybody can own an exclusive Sharon B design table.

Unlike with other pieces of art, any association with an established art gallery or museum is irrelevant to us and it won’t get you higher up the list.

Only the most interesting, forward thinking and inspirational minds can get access to an authentic Sharon B design table.

We prefer our exquisite masterpieces to find a home with these people because we know they will deeply appreciate and respect the essence of our pieces, instead of making a quick profit by reselling it into the open market.

Only those who meet the following requirements stand a chance of making it to the waiting list:

  • You have a profound love for design or art.
  • You already have multiple other creative art- or design works in your mansion(s), yacht or plane.
  • You appreciate being part of a small exclusive group of openminded collectors and visionaries who make their own rules and who hate mediocracy or anything ‘average’.
  • You enjoy exciting, provocative and bold designs inspired by opulence, prosperity, success, ambition and abundance.

“If you can’t have things everybody else can’t, what’s the point of being rich?”


Joining our waiting list is the only way to get your hands on one of our exclusive masterpieces.