Take your dog with you anywhere, anytime

Never alone

Enjoy that amazing feeling that starts the moment your precious dog takes place in this majestic “throne”. The high vantage point and comfortable seat make it a wonderful safe haven for even the most anxious, nosy or active dog.

Piece of mind

This is far more than just a fancy dog stroller, it’s a way to ensure that small dogs don’t get stepped on, tripped over or even attacked by other (aggressive) dogs. It helps you control any situation.

Rescue dogs

The absolute 100% true benefactors of these first-class dog strollers are the dogs that wouldn’t be here tomorrow if it weren’t for you.


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Our Guarantee

We see our luxury pet travel solutions creating joy and happiness over and over again, with both the dogs and their owners. It never gets boring! But we also know that our customers expect the utmost when it comes to versatility and quality. This is why we know that you and your dog will love your prestigious dog stroller the moment you receive it and take that very fist ride together.

To give you peace of mind, we offer a 60-day guarantee where you can send back your dog stroller for a full refund, if it isn’t the smoothest riding, best performing, most comfortable dog stroller you (or your dog!) can imagine, period. No questions asked.

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